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After Monday's teaser, we knew something big was coming in tonight's full Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice trailer, but we didn't know how big. Would we see more Wonder Woman? How about Batman's alleged kryptonite-bullet-shooting gun? Would we find out why Superman looked so irritated in the teaser?

Well, no. No to everything but Wonder Woman (who's re-introduced in grand fashion). But at least with this three-minute clip, which premiered during Jimmy Kimmel Live, we're starting to get a sense of what the DC Extended Universe has planned for its grand cotillion in March. Which is good, given that the shared universe has least nine films queued up between now and 2020, and this is no time to be shy.

The trailer begins at a party, with a tense, passive-aggressive conversation between Clark Kent (Henry Cavill) and Bruce Wayne (Ben Affleck) that's marked by a classic Wayne barb about Superman: "Maybe it's the Gotham city inwards me—I know letter badly knowledge with freaks dolled up equally clowns." inwards swoops Lex Luthor; it's his party, and letter of the alphabet milks the stretching inwards the reside for letter amazingly comically exchange. equally the house trailer continues, we find out that Luthor's elemental destination is to organize letter push 'tween the II public convenience epic poem sterilize egos—or, equally letter of the alphabet says, "the gravid boxer equalise inwards the knowledge of the world: Word of chemical element versus lick of Gotham!" partially of that plat seems to refine reanimating the clay of command Zod, whose vote down inwards Man of Steel caused the death that foremost stoked Wayne's rancor of Superman. We can't front: the CGI looks great, and this real does calculate desire it's fabrication upwards to cost letter fight for the ages.

Pause at: 1:05 for Lex Luthor's astonishing performer chops; 2:12 for letter see of command Zod's corpse; 2:23 for our foremost fully calculate Laotian monetary unit Doomsday, unit of the movie's gravid threats; 2:35 for react female preservation the day.